Lois Weinberger was the artist of precise carelessness

Neue Züricher Zeitung - NZZ, 23.04.2020 | Sabine B. Vogel

Throughout his life, nature was Lois Weinberger’s world. The Tyrolean art gardener has now died at the age of 72.

He was an artistic field researcher, a mindful wanderer, a friend of floral margins. Lois Weinberger managed to show us nature as a socio-political terrain in which every detail matters. Unforgettable is his enthusiasm when he led his visitors cheerfully, mischievously and with humour through the garden of his studio in Gars, Lower Austria. Since the place is located directly on the river, after a flood he was able to sample every find that had been washed up, every plant that had flown in. Mindfulness of the overlooked shaped his life and art. Nothing was worthless, everything opened up spaces for thought and freedom.

Lois Weinberger was always on the lookout for that unbiased beauty that only needs to be noticed. Photo: Paris Tsitsos